Meet Chelsea, she is about to get married very shortly and really wanted to not only get into great health and fitness for her wedding, but to change herself from the inside out. Here is her story…

“Okay ladies, I know I am the one who has done the “work” but without the support of you ladies and these wonderful coaches, I really don’t think I would be where I am! So, THANK YOU! Without you guys I wouldn’t be looking at nearly 10 pounds down and a wonderful 19 inches slimmer! From pictures, I can truly see the transformation I have made, but this group and this “fitness challenge” has transformed me in many more ways then the visual. Prior to starting this group and despite the fact that I work two jobs, I couldn’t sleep and I had off and on anxiety. I use to leave the bed multiple times a night to come sleep on the couch, to not wake up my fiancé with my tossing and turning. Since the start of this group, I haven’t slept on the couch once. It was a miracle cure for my anxiety and my insomnia. I stopped taking medication for it years ago, and this group has done more for those two things than any medication I was pumping my body with prior. Secondly my overall “feeling” has been transformed! I feel GOOD! I feel awake, energized, confident and HEALTHY! I love the way clean eating and shakeology make me feel. So, I guess you can say my kitchen has done a bit of a transformation too!

Thanks Shelley Schurman Hobbs and all you wonderful ladies!”

Shelley Hobbs