Here is Amy’s Story:

OK, friends my 21 days is completed :)?

I did not retouch these photos, apply any filters, etc. In both pictures I pretty much rolled out of bed and changed out of pj’s. Authenticity is important to me. My birthday is coming up February 11, and I will be 39. This was my birthday present to myself. I truly enjoyed this program and I feel that it is rocksolid. There was no starvation, magic pill, restriction, shortcut, or bs involved. That is not how I roll smile emoticon It was not super, easy nor backbreaking difficult. Sometimes I had some pizza, maybe it was a handful of skittles. But the bottom line is I planned. I worked, and I practice mindful consistency every single day. I saw where my diet was lacking before. I put in the work inside and out. It was stuff I may have already known in my heart and mind (and coached to others even) but I had tools to get me there. I feel awesome. I’m happy with how I look too. smile emoticon Sometimes with the body positive movement, we feel embarrassed to admit that we want to look a certain way – but hell I will own that sh!t – I have aesthetic goals and I will not apologize for it ??????:-) Today starts a fresh 21 days for me – and after that I will hit the maintenance plan. Thank you to all of the support and encouragement all the way through! ‪#‎doYOU‬ ‪#‎21DF‬ ‪#‎fitspo‬ ‪#‎goals‬ ‪#‎nofilter‬

Shelley Hobbs