You can workout everyday and not see the full results if you’re not eating healthy and filling your body with the right nutrients.

Shakeology is what tells your body “I’ve got what I need (all that amazing healthy nutrition and protein), unload the rest” and you see the excess weight come off IF you are looking to lose weight — if not then it will simply work as a super food nutrition to ENSURE your body get all that it needs and will also help you absorb better ALL of the other great nutrition you are taking in.

The reasons WHY we crave the bad things for us is because our body is not getting everything it needs nutritionally.

This isn’t a super pill that works by magic! This is a whole foods super foods shake-like drink that conditions the body to be strong and healthy while you exercise – also has pre and probiotics and protein that will leave you feeling full and satisfied.

You don’t lose weight by starving your body of food but by only giving it the right food! In a nutshell, it staves off hunger, cuts cravings, and keeps you healthy during this journey 🙂 I love it and my entire family east it daily and we put it into pancakes and healthy cookies, etc…

I replace my lunch or breakfast with shakeology typically after I workout — and sometimes when I’m in a hurry rushing kiddos to school and need a guaranteed healthy breakfast.

I’m also eating 4 other meals during the day too as you will learn– super flexible and easy – -you will learn this in your nutrition booklet that comes with your program.

This video shows all of the awesome super foods in the shakeology – Shakegoloy is also included and recommended in the Beachbody Fitness Program meal plans so you don’t have to think about how to work it in….

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