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==>> Learn More About Shelley’s Personal Transformation from Depression and Anxiety to Super Fit HAPPY MOM here.

These are real testimonials from people that have been in my fitness challenge groups and my team of Coaches. I commend these people for stepping out of their comfort zone and doing whatever it takes to change their situation. To TAKE CONTROL of their personal situation, no matter what! Doing something about it, is better than sitting around complaining about it or feeling like it cannot be changed


Amanda M.


21 day fix postpartum results testimonial 21 day fix postpartum results testimonial


This is just 42 days apart!! 15 lbs in just over a month!!! ???

I couldn’t be happier with my results! Especially because I have to eat MORE THAN the 21 day fix allows for, because I am still breastfeeding and have to make sure my milk supply is sufficient so I can provide for my daughter.

I was admitted to the hospital 4 months ago to have my daughter and I weighed in at 190 lbs! You read that right. 190!!! I gained 70 lbs during my pregnancy. 45 of it fell off within the first two weeks after having her. The last 25 has been a struggle. Until I started the 21 day fix!
I weighed in this morning at 130 lbs! Just 10 lbs away from my pre pregnancy weight!!

The physical changes are obvious. The mental changes are unmeasurable! I have never felt so good!!! My mind is clearer than ever! I am getting confidence back! I was skinny before my pregnancy. But I was not strong. This time around I feel STRONG! I am getting stronger every day. And also setting a good, healthy example for my kids.

The reason why I started coaching is because I want to help others!!! My journey will not be stopping. I am going to keep going! And I hope I will inspire others to jump in with me!!


Amy A.

12647262_10208735198562594_5232515685568457074_nHere is Amy’s Story:

OK, friends my 21 days is completed 🙂
I did not retouch these photos, apply any filters, etc. In both pictures I pretty much rolled out of bed and changed out of pj’s. Authenticity is important to me. My birthday is coming up February 11, and I will be 39. This was my birthday present to myself. I truly enjoyed this program and I feel that it is rocksolid. There was no starvation, magic pill, restriction, shortcut, or bs involved. That is not how I roll smile emoticon It was not super, easy nor backbreaking difficult. Sometimes I had some pizza, maybe it was a handful of skittles. But the bottom line is I planned. I worked, and I practice mindful consistency every single day. I saw where my diet was lacking before. I put in the work inside and out. It was stuff I may have already known in my heart and mind (and coached to others even) but I had tools to get me there. I feel awesome. I’m happy with how I look too. smile emoticon Sometimes with the body positive movement, we feel embarrassed to admit that we want to look a certain way – but hell I will own that sh!t – I have aesthetic goals and I will not apologize for it ??????:-) Today starts a fresh 21 days for me – and after that I will hit the maintenance plan. Thank you to all of the support and encouragement all the way through! ‪#‎doYOU‬ ‪#‎21DF‬ ‪#‎fitspo‬ ‪#‎goals‬ ‪#‎nofilter‬



Nicole M. :



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Nicole joined me in a free 7 day clean eating group. She fell in love with the online support and accountability concept and immediately joined my next 30 day online fitness and nutrition bootcamp. She used T25 and Shakeology and fell in love even more with the more structured environment of the group; daily checkins, accountability, support, motivation, group camaraderie, an online coach to help guide her and track her progress (me!! 🙂 ), learning methods for meal prepping, fun with clean eating. She loved it all so much she decided to become a Beachbody Coach for extra accountability in her fitness journey and to help others along the way. Nicole has since gone on to become a very successful coach on Shelley’s top Beachbody Coaching team. Nicole has completed several Beachbody programs, loves the art of clean eating, has gotten her husband onboard with working out and healthy eating at home and she LOVES to help people realize the freedom and excitement in taking control of their health and fitness and incorporating it into a healthy living lifestyle.

Nicole has 2 young little girls and works part-time in the medical field.




Katrina M.: 

beachbody program testimonials shelley hobbs top beachbody coach


Its been awhile but I finally updated my before and after pictures!!! Its been almost exactly one year since I became a Beachbody coach, started working out and eating healthy!!! I am so happy I decided to take the plunge and just do it! And so thankful I came across Shelley Hobbs who inspired me to take that plunge!!! At this point theres no turning back!!!! ?



Chelsea T. 

Beachbody Transformations








Meet Chelsea, she is about to get married very shortly and really wanted to not only get into great health and fitness for her wedding, but to change herself from the inside out. Here is her story…..
“Okay ladies, I know I am the one who has done the “work” but without the support of you ladies and these wonderful coaches, I really don’t think I would be where I am! So, THANK YOU! Without you guys I wouldn’t be looking at nearly 10 pounds down and a wonderful 19 inches slimmer! From pictures, I can truly see the transformation I have made, but this group and this “fitness challenge” has transformed me in many more ways then the visual. Prior to starting this group and despite the fact that I work two jobs, I couldn’t sleep and I had off and on anxiety. I use to leave the bed multiple times a night to come sleep on the couch, to not wake up my fiancé with my tossing and turning. Since the start of this group, I haven’t slept on the couch once. It was a miracle cure for my anxiety and my insomnia. I stopped taking medication for it years ago, and this group has done more for those two things than any medication I was pumping my body with prior. Secondly my overall “feeling” has been transformed! I feel GOOD! I feel awake, energized, confident and HEALTHY! I love the way clean eating and shakeology make me feel. So, I guess you can say my kitchen has done a bit of a transformation too!

Thanks Shelley Schurman Hobbs and all you wonderful ladies!”



Holly M.:
Hi Shelley!! I loved the group, I love what you do. I’m thinking that is something Id love to do. Since I found you on FB my life has changed. I’ve been going to a gym for months and lost a bit of weight, but since following you and joining the clean eating group I’ve lost so much more! I’ve also learned so much more!!! The gym doesn’t teach you about fueling your body. I love that you actually teach a whole lifestyle. I’m just waiting until October then I’m going to join a challenge group and go from there. I’m in a personal training contract that I pay a lot every month for, not counting the gym membership. And I’ve gotten better results from you in a much shorter time. I can not wait to see what the challenge group does for me!!!!


Kirk B:
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July when I joined Team Fit2Freedom I decided to be accountable and consistent with my workouts 6 days a week!

I’ve been eating 80/20 plan and did 2 rounds of Max 30 and 1 round of Body Beast. I just started Hammer and Chisel with the nutrition cup plan this week…  when I put the 2 pics together I was like WHAT?!?!?

It sunk in! I have begun in January to kick myself in the butt and get a serious move on.  I COULD NOT HAVE DONE THIS WITHOUT YOU and like you know I’ve watched you since day 1 of your journey and it took me 18 months to join! THANK YOU


21 day fix testimonials top beachbody coaches



Holly G.:
I’ve lost 80 pounds this past year, and I owe part of that to you and what you’ve taught me, sooo, just wanted you to know I am forever grateful for the part you’ve played in helping me change my life (and I radically have)


Tracy K.

I’m changing the way I think & lovin’ it! Thanks, Shelley Schurman Hobbs! This was just the kick in the pants I needed.


Marlo r.

I’m down 3 pounds so far


“……so much better than Diet Pepsi!!! And this may be TMI but prior to starting Shakeology I was going to be started on a $165/mo med for IBS (Constipation type) and guess what I don’t need that med now! “


“I lost 3 lbs! I feel lighter and no more bloated tummy. It’s been extremely challenging for me and I didn’t follow it exactly like I should have but I have learned a lot! Thank you!”


“My weight is down by 1 pound. I did not do my measurements. My stomach is not as bloated. My skin is in better condition.”


“I jumped out of bed to do my weigh in this morning. I stuck to my nutrition plan this week as well as my workouts & I was hoping it would pay off. I lost 2.8 lbs & 2.25 in. I have NEVER had these kind of results OR felt this great! I love, love, love Shakeology, T25 and the clean eating plan. My energy is so much better & my muscles are coming back! Thank you Shelley & all of you for keeping me motivated daily!”


“Hey Shelley!  Happy Sunday!!! Week one down and I am super excited!  My energy has increased, my taste buds are revitalized and my body hasn’t hurt this good since before I got pregnant with my now 7 month old!   thanks for your motivation and for running these groups to provide encouragement and accountability! “


Hope you are having a great birthday Shelley Schurman Hobbs!! Thank you for your motivation and inspiration with my fitness journey!! Down 16 inches and one pant size woot woot !!!!


4 lbs!!!! I have never lost that in one week!!? Going downstairs to workout!!


Ok Shelley Schurman Hobbs and Nicole Madera, you were right. Yes, though it’s only about 3 weeks into my personal challenge I am a believer. Even though I didn’t do t25 daily as instructed, I did it about 4-5 days a week supplementing my spin and Pilates habit. I am down 2 inches in my waist and finally broke through the 140 lb. mark. 5 more to go. You guys are inspirational.


Lost 1 lbs the last week.

I am slow … Usually at this point I gave up.. I wasn’t patient with slow results..but this time I stick with this program, no matter what the results is!!!!

Thanks Ladies!


Nicole M:

Transformation Update: Okay so my goal 6 weeks ago was to be able to wear a bikini for this coming up week but sadly that goal has not been achieved but I will keep working on it….I started this journey at 184 and change after losing 10 pounds a year prior with weight watchers…so I was hanging strong in the 190’s, after 10 weeks of Focus T25 I lost 17 lbs I believe is the # I have it written down somewhere….now I am down a total of 22lbs at 162 lbs and am on Week 18 of T25…..most of all I went from a size 12/14 to now a size 8…all the size 10’s I bought now have saggy butt!!! And my large workout bottoms keep falling down as I am jumping around….I almost just want to workout in my undies…TMI I know, but it gets silly at times….I just hit up Target and got a bunch of mediums so hopefully I am good for awhile! I am so proud that I kept working out cause if I hadn’t I think one, I probably would be lighter but flabbier (and likely still a size 10) and being skinny fat is not attractive and two it makes me just feel stronger overall and makes me a great role model for my kiddos!! So despite still seeming to weigh quite a bit I am thrilled to be in the 160’s that is a great weight range for me as I am 5’9″ I would like to get down to 155lbs and be done with trying to lose anymore….so it’s always those last few pounds that are the toughest! I share this all with you one to say hard work pays off but that these changes did not occur overnight as much as I wanted results yesterday I know tomorrow is a new day and a day I can better myself!

beachbody tranformations 21 day fix14358752_10209172372938964_2654640283417684969_n 14433169_10209161297742091_8850126869580498487_n

Shelley D:

***Transformation Spotlight*****
Meet Shelley Draur – -she is an incredible Coach on my team and has me left in tears of JOY and happiness for her. She is on an incredible transformation journey — one that literally is saving her life!
Not only is she getting healthy and fit for herself while going to college full time, she is also helping others in our challenge groups, and she is rocking out her Beachbody business as a side business to help earn extra income to visit her grandchildren more often — how cool is that?!?! I love this business and all of the plethora and facets of opportunities it provides us!
Here is her story and please give her a HIUGE HIGH FIVE for all that she has accomplished and all of the other people she is inspiring and helping along the way in our challenge groups!
Thank you for choosing me as your Coach Shelley and allowing me the opportunity to walk with you on this exciting life journey of living an empowered fit healthy life! BOOM!!!
“1.5 years ago, a random upper respiratory virus enlarged my heart and disrupted my life. It left me with an annoying irregular heart rhythm, fatigue like no other, and a 30 pound weight gain. The 6 month battle to get healthy and complete my school semester/practicums made me thankful for my support system and less willing to put up with BS in my life. That kind of experience rewires you to focus on the important people in your life. I also realized I needed to make serious changes to my life to lose weight, manage stress, deal with anxiety and depression, and get back to my first passion–helping people ❤
I still have an extremely irregular heart rhythm ( hence the holster monitor I will be sporting for the next two days!) which I can’t control, but I started slowly exercising and eating in the right portions and I am down 18 pounds. Exercise has been a life saver for helping me manage my anxiety and depression and I have my crazy energy back.
We all start somewhere, and some of us have health obstacles but we can still be the best we can be. ❤
Here’s to a new day and a new week because life is a crazy, wonderful, scary ride!!”