All access to all programs available right now!
Whether you love cardio, HIIT, weights, combines weights and cardio, yoga, pilates, MMA, or dance workouts — we literally have it all at the click of a PLAY button! 

The ALL Access to the Beachbody programs Challenge Pack offer — available right now and is a perfect way to begin your fitness journey and stick with working on your health and fitness goals to create LIFELONG healthy habits!

**Previously only available for a limited time, its now available to everyone, all of the time.


MY GOAL is to help you get results and create lifelong sustainable changes so you can meet and achieve YOUR GOALS.
We will do it together in all of 2017!
​Lets talk about the benefits to joining my virtual challenge group:

Bascially, you get me every day! 🙂 When you join an online challenge group of mine, you are going to get the absolutely BEST value, support and experience, which equals, awesome results! I’m here to make sure you hit your goals — PERIOD! This is the total solution and what I needed when I started and its what I still need and do today – it just really works long term! Its a simple equation = Fitness + nutrition + support = success. 

I will help you choose a home fitness program that is best for YOU and there are many to choose from! You will be in the private empowering group of other ladies who are going to be with you every step of the way as well, they are on the same mission as you and the support is priceless. 

What can you expect from me: 

* weekly meal plans and how to meal prep for flexible family meals and busy on the go people 

* learning about healthy energetic clean eating 

* Daily/Weekly Check-ins 

* Daily tracking via fitness and nutrition Tracker App (a daily reminder to get it done!) 

* 24/7 support via email/messaging 

*Changes and alterations to your plan if you are plateauing 

* Honest suggestions and recommendations based on YOUR needs 

* Tips for daily living, vacations, eating out, events and party’s and overall daily motivation 

* Earn a t-shirt for completing your fitness program and chance to win $500 

* Chance to win free Nike’s by participating in my group and really rocking out your progress and transformation. 

* Initial 20 minute consulation call to map out your 100 day game plan for fitness and nutrition to meet your goals.

beachbody all access challenge pack

365 support, motivation, accountability = SUCCESS!

​Here are all of the details on getting started with the Annual ALL ACCESS Beachbody On Demand Challenge Pack:

I definitely know that the Beachbody Programs work. I have been using them for 3 years 100% and have had the most amazing results. But its also the online support group community that I run that also is a HUGE support and daily motivator while you are working towards your goals daily. 
The Beachbody On Demand ALL ACCESS Challenge Pack plus my online support challenge group, is the ultimate resolution to meeting your health,  fitness and nutrition goals.
This is going to satisfy your fitness and nutrition targeted needs for 12 months!
You will have full digital streaming wifi access to all of the beachbody on demand member library (literally every available Beachbody program — several dozen to choose from and I’ll match you up with the best program to start out with),
with the ability to have your fitness program and personal trainer with you where ever you go; workout at home, the gym, the park, traveling –literally anywhere you can take your device (smart phone, tablet, laptop or a smart tv). 
This is the way I have been working out to access any specific program I am doing or simply to change things up for a day or two if I’m pressed for time and still need to work it into my schedule, etc….
What I love most about this VIP All Access to Beachbody On Demand for 12 months is that we have an entire year to work on your health and fitness goals together and you have the option to switch up your programs to keep it fresh and exciting and really start to challenge yourself in different fun new ways.

With this special VIP ALL Access package you receive; 

->>12 months access to every single Beachbody Fitness Program EVER created along with the nutrition guides, program manuals, workout schedules, deluxe workouts, and then anything NEW that Beachbody launches in 2017 you will have that added to your library for no extra charge!  That is thousands of dollars worth of programs ($1500) you are getting for only ​ $199 — one time fee!

->> the super cool and simple portion fix eating containers and meal plan booklet to customize your food requirements to your fitness goals — no counting calories or weight foods. If it fits into the container, you can eat it! Burgers, tacos, mexican food, desserts and treats, as well as simple everyday meals on the go — all healthier recipes and tasty too.
->> a 30 day supply of shakeology (with option to continue through the year at a 25% discount), 

->> a 10% discount on everything all year round


->> access to downloadable meal plans + recipes + workout calendars
->> Shelley as your Coach and my online challenge groups for a full year!
->> you can use Beachbody On Demand anywhere
->> $99 to renew after 12 months (similar to an amazon prime membership)
When we get started together, I will set you up with the best fitness and nutrition program for you to start out with depending on your overall goals for the first 100 days and then we can switch things up from there if you like. 
So many awesome options to choose from!
Here is more on how the All Access to Beachbody On Demand Works available via streaming wifi — DEFINITELY no excuses for not getting your workout in.

Cost is $199 (one time cost) 
and you get everything I listed above, PLUS, me as your coach and my support in my virtual fitness and nutrition bootcamp challenge groups where I take you week by week through creating healthy habits and lifestyle and teaching you things like meal planning, meal prepping, nutrition and fitness tips, answering questions, weekly checkins between you and I, and more fun interaction in the group itself. You will likely meet some new amazing friends who will be on the same path as you and there to lift each other up and be that bright light of daily inspiration we all need in our lives! These groups ARE the reason why I keep showing up even for my own fitness journey daily. They just work! 
Here is more about Shakeology super foods nutrition shake and I have tons of great recipes:

​If within the 30 days​ you decide to want to continue using Shakeology or would like to use any other supplements or products, you can enroll for a 25% ongoing discount. We can certainly chat about that later, but wanted you to know its an option for you.
​If you are ready to get started​ you can go here to enroll and just get right back to me and I’ll get you started:


1)  Annual All-Access Beachbody On Demand and Shakeology Challenge Pack PLUS 10% off with your annual membership

==>> Get your All Access Beachbody On Demand Challenge Pack – CLICK Here

Yes! you recieve 10% off of all future purchases with your memership. That’s going to come in handy if you happen to fall in love with Shakeology like I am, and/or, if you want to purchase future supplements to maximize your workouts.
You are also automatically added into my virtual challenge group where I have put together a 100 Day Fitness + Nutrition plan using all of the tools available to you to kick off your fitness journey.
This is going to ROCK your 2017 goals!

2) Get a 25% Preferred Customer/Coach Discount PLUS Earn 25% Commissions for Referring Friends

 The 25% discount is an even better deal;  you pay $15.95 monthly membership to get the 25% discount (example if you end up loving shakeology and buying that along with other awesome supplements to help maximixe your results), PLUS you have the opportunity to earn 25% commission when you inspire a friend and they want to join us in an online group too — it happens all of the time, or, if you want to run a group with me, I will show you how to find the people,
==>> GET STARTED with the 25% Discount!
1) Go here to get enrolled in our discount program!
2) Click on the GREEN COACH button and it will open a pop up window
3) Click on the BLUE BUTTON “Become A Coach”
4) Select US or Canada
5) See the it says “Shelley Hobbs” as your referring coach = this makes sure we are connected and you can be in my support groups.
6) Fill out the form
7) Select your All Access Annual Beachbody On Demand Challenge pack and your preferred Shakeology flavor — I prefer the Chocolate Vegan.
8) Provide payment
9) YOU just DECIDED to COMMIT to your awesome new adventure with me!****CONGRATULATIONS!****

 If you erolled as a preferred customer coach discount and will be getting 25% savings on any future purchases of Shakeology or other supplements to maximize your workouts, please contact me directly and I will provide you a Getting Started email.


Shelley 🙂