Hi There!! I am so thrilled that you have an interest in learning more about what is Beachbody Coaching. Read on as I share with you06-21-2014_ShaunT_PhotoOp_MY_0402-XL everything you need to know about you can start earning an income with your own home business as a Beachbody Coach — an online fitness coach.
I sincerely hope that you make the decision to change your life in little baby steps and allow me to show you the way and become a Beachbody coach on Team Fit2Freedom!

Real quick about me… reason for becoming a Beachbody Coach was SIMPLE.
  • To find a way to stay at home with my kids and be there for them 24/7
  • To never have to work for anyone else again
  • To be accountable to my own health and fitness everyday and become healthy from the inside out and to have tons of energy for my kids
  • To be able to show other people, moms especially, that indeed there IS another way to earn an income to be able to stay at home with your family and be the best you that you can offer yourself, your family and your life!!
Beachbody Coaching as your business in a nutshell. What you do when you become A Beachbody Coach:
  • You working on your health and fitness and living a healthy lifestyle to accomplish your own health and fitness goals = people are attracted to action takers.
  • You helping others to achieve their best health and fitness by running online fitness challenge groups with Shelley = so simple and fun!
  • You will use social media to expand your reach and build your business – you don’t have to reach out to friends and family if you don’t want, Shelley built her entire business on social media and will teach you the same.
  • You will earn an income by helping others use the Beachbody fitness programs via inviting people into our private online fitness groups and matching people up with the best fitness program for them = I will show you how do to this.
  • Have fun everyday achieving your personal health goals and using that to inspire and motivate others.
  • You can work part-time or dedicate full-time hours, many people start out 1 hour per day. I personally dedicate 1-2 hours per day.


Join Shelley Hobbs and her team of coaches on Team Fit2Freedom. Shelley is a Diamond Beachbody Coach, #144 in the company and #25 in the Western Region, a leader in the Beachbody community.

Shelley is a mentor, fitness, nutrition, business and internet marketing coach, leader, in a fun, growing health and fitness business piggy back off of a billion dollar company brand and names like ShaunT, Chalene Johnson, Tony Horton and Autumn Calabrese. There is no competition with the company marketing — the big brand name will help you attract more people into your online fitness groups, and as you climb higher in rank Beachbody will give you leads, customers and new coaches to add into your business simply for doing the work you are already doing.

Stay at home moms or dads, corporate professionals or anyone who wants to create a thriving home business where you will be earning money AND adding value into people lives while transforming your own.

This is a sale free zone – I’m going to teach you internet and social media marketing strategies where you will be SHARING about your journey, other people’s journey to attract people who are looking for a health and fitness change !!

Watch my latest ‘What Is The Beachbody Coaching Opportunity’ webinar:

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What you will do everyday as a Beachbody Coach to build a business and earn and income:

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I decided to turn my passion for living a healthy lifestyle into a BUSINESS! My drive was to be a stay at home mom, be fit and earn an income to help support my family’s dreams and opportunities. Being a coach also helps to keep me extra accountable to my own ongoing health and fitness goals and I just LOVE what I do in getting to help others live their best life!
I am looking for driven and highly motivated people to add to Team Fit2Freedom. If you are on my site then you have probably at least heard of Beachbody’s products or maybe you have personally seen the tremendous results that you can get by using them. Perhaps you have been in one of my fitness challenge groups and had an incredible experience and are ready to take it to the next level.

Spend a few minutes with me here on this page so I can share with you all there is to know about Beachbody Coaching so you can make a informed decision before you get started!


What Is Beachbody Coaching?

This is a relationship business!

Being a Beachbody Coach ISN’T a Get Rich Quick Scheme and it ISN’T about being a bikini model.

It is work that is focused, smart and a path that is laid out for you to follow – you get out what you put in. So if you aren’t willing to put in the time and effort, then you aren’t going to succeed. That means that if you give this business 100% you will be AMAZED!

All it takes is learning and doing.

One of the reasons I love Beachbody’s business model so much is that you (as a coach) cannot gain more success without helping others succeed. When you see coaches recognized for being the best in the company – you know that they are not the only ones seeing success. Coaches must have coaches on their team who are ALSO succeeding in order to get this kind of recognition.

This business is designed to be replicated! All the information, training, and resources are provided to you to put your own spin on it! It is UP TO YOU to choose to APPLY that knowledge and decide how you want to use it in your own business!

Become a Beachbody Coach

CLICK to Become a Beachbody Coach

What to Expect Financially:
I joined Beachbody in December 28, 2013 and 6 months later I have soared my personal team, Team Fit2Freedom to the #144 spot out of 210,000 coaches!
Earning potential:
Yes, we love what we do as Beachbody Coaches and yes, we love to get paid for it too.
Everyone is different, but here is my personal financial story in case you are wondering what is possible.

My 1st month I earned $176.50,

in my 7th month I earned $4033.14

in my 19th month I earned over $10,000 – there’s the potential for you too.

You can do more or less and you can build this business in 1 hour per day or putting in the 3-4 hours per day as I do. Remember, this is my full time income, so, spending that amount of time for me, works and I work this around my kids schedules.

Whether you are looking for something part-time that can help you earn an extra $1,000 a month to help with bills… OR you want to work on your business a little more intensely to reach that income PER WEEK… yes….I currently earn roughly $1000 per week. Pretty awesome right for being a stay at home mom and having my own home based fitness business! I will help you lay down the foundation to GET to your GOALS!

For the first 3-6 months you will learn from me and our team and what we do with our businesses & understand how to do it yourself. IF YOU ARE CONSISTENT….your earnings should be around $200-$1,000 weekly (over $50,000 annually) for the next 6-8 months. You can expect that number will double or even triple if you follow the to do list I share with you and are consistent with your work.

After just 2 years you can easily be one of the team members earning a 6 figure income! The pay just keeps increasing as your business succeeds, there is no limit! There are also incentives for hitting certain goals and a ton of bonus opportunities. BUT- money is great and all, but that is not really what I am after. I am SO PASSIONATE about this business because it has allowed me to become the person I have ALWAYS wanted to be and HELP OTHERS do the same!

I never used to have my OWN goals, nor did I know really what I wanted out of life–I knew I wanted more, but I had no idea what path to take… I took the resources shared with me, and followed through EVERYDAY with what I knew would works!!! Now, I get to HELP OTHERS find this path and experience success and confidence!!! I will NEVER STOP! Because of the opportunity Beachbody has given me, I was not only able to figure out my own goals in life and become better myself….but I am setting up my future family to be financially free….. and I CHOOSE to help OTHERS do the SAME!

I am on a MISSION to help MANY MANY people change their lives!!!! Are you next!!?

How To Get Started:

Fill out the Application and Shelley will reach out to you within 48 hours!

The best way to get started is to sign up as a Coach with a Challenge Pack. A Challenge Pack is a bundled Fitness Program PLUS a 30-Day Supply Of Shakeology 

There are many fitness programs to start with…..21 Day Fix, T25, PiYO, P90X3……and even more.

One of the best packs to start with is the Showcase Challenge Pack which includes; 21 Day Fix, T25 and P90X3, many supporting materials, Shakeology Tote Bags, a 30-Day Supply of Shakeology, a Shakeology sampler pack and MORE….You will be able to see more about it after you fill out the form to register as a coach.ANY challenge pack gets you started — GETTING STARTED is what matters most!

ANY DAY is the perfect day to make a commitment to YOU and to YOUR FUTURE!!

Do you have a vision of where you want to go and want a path to get there? THIS IS IT! I will mentor you into success.

A coach challenge pack gives  you all the tools you need to start on your health and fitness journey, plus, gets you plugged into our team training right away!

1. Go HERE to get started registering as a Coach!
You will fill out the FORM, then it will take you to a page to SELECT YOUR CHALLENGE PACK.

The Training You Will Get:

  • I lead a Smart Start New Coach Training Group the 1st week of every month. You will immediately get into this private training group.
  • You will receive a Welcome email right away with next steps.
  • You will be added into the Team Fit2Freedom Coaches group on Facebook.
  • You will get on the phone with Shelley (me ) in your first week to get you started right and devise a plan of action for your first 30 days.

Cost To Get Started

·     A one time $39.95 fee to become a coach.

 This fee is waived when you puchase a Challenge Pack while signing up–OR if you have purchased a Challenge Pack within 30-days of registering as a New Coach.

It is also waived if you are active in the military (or a spouse).

MOST new coaches start out with a Challenge Pack upon registration as a New Coach.

·     There is a monthly coach active fee of $17.95 and waived for military persons and spouses. Beachbody gives you three websites where you can do some minor personalization and it so easy to just send your interested customers right there for them to shop online.. One site is a Beachbody Site the other site is a specialized Shakeology and the third is an Ultimate Reset site. I have decided to create my blog to share my experiences but it is not required. We actually have team training on how to create a blog if you are interested in that.

·     To remain an active coach you need to have a Personal Volume (PV) of 50 points per month – that comes from you OR your customers. Purchasing a month’s supply of Shakeology (at a 25% discount) is 90PV for example and you’re done. I agree with Team Beachbody’s methodology that you need to use their product in order to be able to explain the benefits. Also, Shakeology is food, so where else can you write-off your monthly business expense and eat it and receive 25% off every month? LOL

ALL IN ALL it costs me $113.95 per month to run my amazing Beachbody Business; that comes down to

  • $97 per month for my Shakeology that I LOVE and will not live without.
  • $14.95 for my monthly fee for access to the discount, the hosted websites, the Beachbody training and an online office support system.
  • $2 shipping for my Shakeology

Benefits Of Being A Beachbody Coach:

  • You receive a 25% commission on anything somebody buys from Beachbody using one of your links. Somebody purchases a copy of P90X, you get a check for $29.96. Or, if they purchase the P90X3 Challenge Pack, you earn $80.
  • You can, if you choose to, have a downline of coaches. Everything rolls up and there are a ton of financial bonuses you can earn. You can do as much or as little with your business as you wish! There is HUGE potential to earn SIGNIFICANT income with this business if that is the type of experience you are looking for.
  • You receive a 25% discount on all Beachbody products including merchandise.
  • You get paid on a weekly basis.
  • No inventory to carry, Beachbody takes care of everything.
  • Access to an entire team of experts on health and fitness.
  • Access to marketing materials and guidance and proven successful training on how to build your business.
  • Beachbody offers opportunities for those that would like to take their coaching to another level and become a Certified Beachbody Instructor in programs like Insanity, P90X3, TurboFire, Piyo and a few more. AND….you can take your certification into your community and create a Fit Club into a gym or anywhere else. They have the entire format laid out for you to learn from and implement.

 The rewards that Beachbody provides you with for reaching your goals are unbelievable! There are annual trips every year you can earn FOR FREE! There are numerous monthly prizes such as T-shirts, books, Tony Horton Bobble Heads, more trips, cash, and team competition prizes such as a free trip to LA or Bowflex Select-Tech Weights! Seriously, I am blown away by the amount of rewards I have been generiously given by this company–just by reaching my goals!



  • I have found a new passion for health and fitness and have never felt better. I’m not trying to sell you that miracle pill, extreme diet, or a whole lot of vitamins you probably don’t need, this is for real. Nothing in this program is easy, you have to work for it!
  • I have increased confidence in all aspects of my life. I am confident with my self not only on the outside…but on the inside to!!
  • I don’t have a degree in fitness or nutrition–but it has been a passion of mine for a very long time! I have tried many things! Now, I get to help others learn what works best for them and their bodies!
  • I can help YOU get in the best shape of your life AND create financial freedom and prosperity by SIMPLY making your health and fitness your business.


 ENROLL TODAY HERE as a new coach with a sales bundled fitness challenge pack and waive the coach enrollment me altogether!

OR if you would like to learn more about this and chat with me first……

To learn more, email me at to be a part of my TEAM and I’ll connect with you. I would LOVE to have you! If you have been sent here from a coach on my team – -we are all one big happy loving supportive team so please get back to them and we’ll get you right into our new coach training program starting on the first of every month!
We are so happy to have you with us!

I can’t wait to work with you and show you the path to life;s freedoms through a health and fitness business you can call your own!

In health and happiness,


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