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HI there and WELCOME to my blog! My little home in cyber space! To connect with me quickly, you can always contact me at

On this blog you will find home business tips and strategies for building a business online, clean eating recipes, fitness program recommendations, fitness groups and tons of information about beachbody business opportunity and Beachbody fitness program, and social media marketing how to’s!

It’s a one stop shop to living a fuller life!

A bit about me…..I AM…….a mom to a 7 and 8 year old, married to a sweet handsome guy for 14 years, a previous corporate america worker bee turned work at home/stay at home mama, internet marketing expert, and a TOP Beachbody Coach – -c ELITE, top 30, 8 Star Diamond and 6 figure income earner.

I focus my efforts on DOING the things that I love and that I’m passionate about every day! I want that for you too. One of my favorites parts of what I do, is that I get to show others, teach and inspire, to follow a similar path to living a freedom based lifestyle.

shelley hobbs fit2freedom top beachbody coaches

Our GirlBoss Leaders!


When we work together you have the opportunity to….
Start a business as a fitness coach on my very successful Beachbody team working on your fitness while helping other!
I have a successful track record of helping people with zero experience in fitness or business to growing successful businesses.

I used to work in corporate america and had the “job of my dreams”, so I thought. I lived in a very boxed in world with small dreams actually.

I had my first baby at 35 yrs young and everything changed! I thought I wanted to be this big exec corporate working mom, then I put her into childcare the first day back to work and I cried for days that I was leaving this tiny brand new baby with people I didn’t know.

THIS WASN’T RIGHT FOR ME!! I got used to it and time went on and a year later I found myself pregnant with my second child and a pink slip to be laid off in 6 months.

I knew this was my KEY to freedom and opportunity and that “I” was going to have to make my future for myself. I was going to have to create a future and a legacy for my family. I had absolutely NO idea how, but I knew this……

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I was NOT going to go back to work for someone else and put my kids in childcare and live my life in a box along with small diluted dreams — NOT ANYMORE.I was willing to do WHAT EVER IT TOOK to find my path to a freedom based lifetyle.I searched for MANY different kinds of opportunities to work for myself….be the CEO of Shelley Hobbs and making money from home.OK, so now what??? HOW??
shelley hobbs
MANY failed attempts of failing forward and a few wins here and there.ALL IN ALL it taught me that if I JUST KEEP GOING that I will find the ONE THING that is right for me,Kind of like finding your soul mate or spouse….sometimes you gotta kiss a lot of frogs to find THE ONE. 😉So…..HOW was I going to replace a large corporate income AND more importantly create FREEDOM in my life and for my family?What it came down to was that if I could earn just $1000 per month, then I could stay at home with the kids. Literally it came down to that much. We scaled down big time in our finances, never ate out, I couponed like crazy and did odds and ends freelance marketing work to cover the rest.It was NOT a fun time and I started to get VERY depressed.THIS WAS NOT how I imagined my life in my late 30’s!!Basically my postpartum depression with my second birth became my chemical makeup for 4 years!It was literally the darkest most depressing most awful time in my life. I was a mom to 2 young kiddos – -I should be the happiest EVER!!!

I wasn’t! And that made me even MORE unhappy.

I ate terrible. Didn’t workout for 5 years. Struggled financially. Gained some weight. My marriage totally sucked and was in the dumps and we were ready to call it quits.

BUT…..IF YOU QUIT…..then you quit on YOU.
THANK GOD that my husband hung in there with a tiny light of hope for us…..and for me!

I was severely depressed for 4 years. Filled with anxiety and questioning my place as a mom, as a wife and in this world. I was desperate for a change.

I had no health insurance because I was laid off from my corporate job.  And my husband was laid off from his a few weeks later too. It was SO stressful. Yes, things could way worse, looking back on it now.

IMG_7257Fast forward 4 years, I have found and created home businesses that allow me and my family the freedom for me to be at home with my kids and to live a fuller and freedom based lifestyle. I actually two totally and completely different home businesses – I believe in multiple streams of income and people either gravitate towards one or the other. For me, I love them both and I am very successful and considered a leader in each business – -cool right?

YES, I have worked hard and smart in both of them in order to  CREATE THE LIFE I WANT for my family.



I LOVE health and fitness — its my daily medicine to feeling and looking amazing. I love being a fitness coach and showing others how simple living a healthy fit life can be. I also LOVE working int he internet marketing home business space because this literally runs on automation with or without me — gotta love that as a busy mom, or anyone really!

I LOVE internet marketing and showing others how simple an automated internet marketing business is.

I been on the company leaderboards for both businesses I run and I simply decided one day that I didn’t have to choose — I COULD and WOULD do them both. They are both my passion. I believe in multiple streams of income and doing what you love. I am drawn and in love with both of them. I am great at both of them and I can help SO MANY people with both of them.


I kept seeing my friend online on Facebook (who is now MY coach and #4 in the Beachbody company by the way 😉  ) she kept showing up on my Facebook newsfeed since we were friends, making me feel inspired and hopeful that I….ME, that I could workout and learn to eat better and do something that I COULD control for me….I could do it too!

I wanted to change my health and change my life SO BAD, I put my Challenge Pack on my credit card and HOPED and PRAYED this was the thing that would change my life and give ME back to ME!!

I started as a customer paying retail for my Shakeology in a fitness group.

I used t25 and Shakeology!

Then I quickly became a discount coach within my first 30 days to save money and to keep me accountable and be in a  community of coaches that had similar goals of health fitness and finances as I.

I WAS NOT focused on building the business at all.

THEN….. at about week 3 into my fitness group, EVERYTHING CHANGED…my mind and body were changing.

My husband was seeing aradical difference in my attitude, overall happiness, motivation and my body. (His worlds exactly)

He said…..IF THIS is the thing that helps you to get better, and keep yourself better, then GO ALL IN!! LOL So I did.

It was literally my natural fix for myself – -eating healthy whole clean foods, working out and using my Shakeology daily!

I started sharing my journey with T25 and my struggles, challenges and my little wins along the way. I shared that I am 41 with 2 young children and that if I can get fit and healthy, ANYONE CAN!! I truly believe that and I still do — that is my message today.

EVERY DAY for 3 weeks it was hard for me. So I put it out of my mind and stopped focusing on the pain of getting up early or having to follow the modifier the entire time…..and just kept getting up every morning, I kept moving when I thought I might die of dry throat or exhaustion (LOL), I made sure I went to bed on time, with my workout clothes out, and alarm clock set and I would get UP at 5AM and go at my workout and be done in 25 minutes and say…..”That wasn’t so bad!!!”

And today, 29 months later… life is totally changed.



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I get to work from home or ANYWHERE…..

I get to be at home with my kids and be with them 24/7….

I earn an FULL-TIME income in only 7 months because I took my health and fitness into my own hands and decided to help others have a more fuller life in health, fitness and prosperity – -and get paid for it ALL!!


You know what my philosophy is?……

One week at a time….

One day at a time…..

One meal at a time….

One pound at a time….


So, I am back in the space of being able to work both businesses simply because I’ve been able to become a Master at both! I leverage systems and virtual assistants to help me so I can spend time training people like YOU and spending time with my family.

I LOVE what I DO!!

YOU can do this too! Any of it, all of it….whatever you choose. I will be there with you every step of the way and work with you as a fitness coach OR a business coach– I’m awesome at both and I will help you to be awesome at whatever it is you choose to do!

You never know until you try and YES, new things are scary…..but scary is also exciting! You are capable of so much. I am going to help prove that you! 😉


However you came to find me here, I invite you to reach out to me and learn more about the paths I can offer to help you create the life you have been dreaming to live!

Shoot me an email and tell me what it is that you are interested in and we’ll go from there.



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