I want to tell you MORE about how this FREE 30 Day Fit Club Workshop
works and how we will be working together!
You may know I’ve been on a fitness journey for 3 years now.
After turning 40 with two young children, I was at a point where I
felt frumpy, was low on energy, and reached a point where I was at
an all time low with long term post partum depression and anxiety.
When I realized it was affecting the way I was treating my husband
and children, I knew I needed to make a change.
I hated the way I felt, so one day, I simply MADE A DECISION TO
I started doing Beachbody fitness programs at home, drinking
Shakeology, eating from the fitness program meal plan which
was so simple it blew my mind, and my entire world and
perspective on life changed!
I literally had never really committed to working out before, and
to make it stick with these new healthy habits of working out at
home and using the meal plans and recipes that came with the
fitness programs.
I did it all on my time and I made it STICK!
No excuses!
I had a roadmap to success knowing what workout to do, how to
do it with a personal trainer in my house virtually daily and knowing
what and how to eat PLUS the online support group that I was in —
the one that you will be in with me!
ALL of that was the simple key to success!
A reason for my ongoing success has been Beachbody On Demand.
If this is the first time you’ve heard of this, let me tell you ALL about it!
What is Beachbody On Demand and
WHY it works for hundreds of thousands of
people and will for you!!
>>Accessible via WIFI on smart phone APP, any web browser,
Apple TV, Fire
>> Downloadble workouts
>> Printable workout calendars
>> Printable meal plans+ recipes
>> Hundreds of full programs to choose from; cardio, weights,
HIIT, yoga, pilates, pre/post pregnancy, dance fitness, and more!
This is the Netflix for fitness workouts, schedules, and nutrition
meal plans and recipes–
plus a healthy eats cooking show called Fixate.

Yep! As a Beachbody On Demand member, you get unlimited access
to hundreds of workouts, full 21, 30, 60, 90 day programs from
start to finish, workout calendars, full meal plans, recipes,
cooking show and more!
Want to lose weight? Get totally ripped? Burn serious calories?
Any time you want, from your phone, computer, or smart tv,
you can stream Beachbody’s world-class programs including:

Hammer & Chisel®
Body Beast®
FIXATE Cooking Show®
Autumn’s Active Maternity
21 Day Fix EXTREME®
Insanity Max 30®
3 Week Yoga Retreat®
Turbo Fire®
Brazil Butt Lift®
10-Minute Trainer®
Hip Hop Abs®
ChaLEAN Extreme®
MUCH more, including exclusive workouts that the super

trainers created specifically for Beachbody On Demand!

Plus, get insider sneak peeks of PiYo®, Cize®, 21 Day Fix®,
Core De Force®, Country Heat®,  and other hot programs!
New workouts and programs are added every month, so you’ll
keep seeing results and never run out of streaming options to
do at home, at the gym or take on your vacations!
All you need is a wi-fi connection, and you’re good to go! And
actually, even if you have spotty internet or you’re traveling
somewhere that has spotty internet, you can download up to 7
workouts at a time so you can play them offline!
I personally use Beachbody on Demand exclusively these days.
I don’t rememberthe last time I put a DVD in! I love that I can
literally pull up the workout on my phone or computer, and
work out wherever I want to!
A lot of times, if the kiddos are playing upstairs and I don’t want to
be all the way downstairs, I’ll just bring my workout to them!
It works out so well.
I also take my Beachbody On Demand with me when I travel!

You can take your Beachbody On Demand to the gym!!
When I used to attempt to go to the gym I would feel a little
bit like a lost puppy.
I’d start with a little cardio, then move over to the free weight
area, maybe do a few abs to finish up and call it a day — all HOPING
that what I did was effective enough to create results as quickly as possible.
Now, all I have to do is push PLAY!
I have a personal trainer there to show me what to do daily.
I’m the one getting the most effective workout — even better
than those going to and paying for a gym membership.
I’m SUPER excited to announce that I’m launching a support
group specifically for my Beachbody On Demand subscribers!
This will not take the place of my Be Confident 365 Fitness
take the, daily accountability, motivation, tracking, group interaction
and my coaching with you up to the next level.
Those will still run monthly, and will take place on the My Challenge
Tracker APP on your smart phone (tracking daily workouts, nutrition,
progress photos and checkins)!
That group is a FULL SCALE SOLUTION to fitness, nutrition, support,
accountability and success!!
If you want more information about that please email me at
subject: More info on the 365 bootcamp

This workshop is simply a group intended for people to get their feet wet with
Beachbody workouts at a lower price point, where you can get insider
tips and help from me!
How does the online support group work? 
My goal is to help you get into action and start on the pathway to
establishing healthy habits, the smart, simple, effective way!

You have to start somewhere, somehow, and what better way than
with a supportive coach like me, a fun interactive group that is there
for you day in and out, and a fitness and nutrition plan suited for your
goals and schedule!
So HOW will this FREE Virtual 30 Day Beachbody On Demand
support group work?
You will be in a private Facebook group with me!
It will operate much like a group fitness class, except it will be
virtual to where you can do your workouts at any point in the
day that works best for you!
=>I will recommend the best program for you to get started with
=>You will download the workout calendar + meal plan
=>I will send you documents to get started with your fitness journey
Every Sunday, I’ll be sharing a Beachbody On Demand schedule
with you guys! This will consist of my favorite workouts that I’ve
gotten the best results with! If you want to follow along, great!
If not, that’s totally fine too, that’s the BEAUTY of BOD! You can
choose whichever workout you feel like for the day — although
I highly encourage doing  a program start to finish
for the fitness program and nutrition meal plan —  You WILL get amazing
In addition, I’ll be sharing daily encouragement to keep you
going on your fitness journey!
How much does it cost?
The GREAT news, is that the FIRST 30 DAYS are
F.R.E.E    F.R.E.E    F.R.E.E!
I am happy to offer you a FREE 30 Day Trial so you can find out
if it’s a good fit for you!
After 30 days, the cost for Beachbody On Demand is just $99 for
an entire 12 months OR you can upgrade to Beachbody On Demand,
PLUS portion control containers, shakeology shaker cup and a 30
day bag of Shakeology for only $199 one time cost.
You can cancel at any time. But its less cost
than a gym and you have no excuses for not being able to

How do I Get Started? 

**This group is only available to those that DO NOT have a
Beachbody Coach already.
1) Go here to get you Beachbody On Demand
2) During sign-up, make sure it says Shelley Hobbs as your coach, or
select “I have a coach” and enter my Coach ID: 862677

3) After you’ve signed up for your free trial, please make sure to
to go for the BOD Workshop Group”
so I can get to know you and help you reach your goals! Upon
submission, I will send you an invitation to my Virtual BOD Fit Club
group fitness support group as we will get started!!
4) Request to join my workshop group here:
Please be sure to enroll for Beachbody On Demand FIRST
5) Forward this blog post to a friend!
Have them join you as an extra accountability partner
and both of you can make healthy habits together!
In health, happiness and prosperity,

Shelley Hobbs

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Shelley Hobbs

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