before after skincare over 40
It’s a personal topic I’m obsessed with in a good way. I’m inspired being over 40 and hindsight proves that what you do NOW… TODAY reflects onto your future self — both internally and externally!
A different kind of before and after!
RIGHT: Mild photoshop and filtering!
LEFT: the real deal
Sheesh….. I just want to be real here.
I know how to photo filter the shiz out of any photo — I’m a master! 😜 As I was filtering my own photo I was like What The H! Let it fly as natural and let’s have a convo about aging gracefully and naturally!
I am 43. Mom of 2. Married 14 years.
I am obsessed with aging gracefully, purely, naturally as possible.before after skincare over 40
I deeply care about how my skin looks today just as much as how I want it to look at 50,60,70,80 — same goes for my body, in addition to how I FEEL and the energy levels and physical abilities I want to have.
I have many friends who have unbelievable buttery smooth gorgeous faces wrinkle free, smooth in color, poreless and perfectly colored all in the right places, amazing arched brows and incredible eye lashes. GAHHHHH — I have facial envy of their gorgeous faces!! 🤗
But let’s face it…
There’s a hell of a lot of “aids” out there to help with that and we must feel comfortable being our best real or fake selves — and I’m not in judgement of others at all.
I simply had to take some time to think how I want to be, to live, to be in truth with myself, just overall what feels good to me and what makes me feel great on a daily basis.
I decided that it’s important to me to do it all as naturally as possible after my experience with Botox. It was for the gateway to many other remedies that could make me look amazing….. if I wanted to do that upkeep ….
And then there’s all the other things I could add onto that.
Sheesshhh, as a very busy focused working mom who is more on the natural side of things (I mean, I am an Oregon girl at heart!! Aka #naturegirl) I just don’t want to get myself into those upkeep habits!
I would rather spend my time and money on products that ReversU signs of aging and create awesome preventative and anti-aging care.
It’s different for everyone though.
I did get boobs so there that! 🤣😜😱🤗
Back in 2015 I was in a 12 month global #Botox study and it was cool, weird and fabulous. 😜
I looked AWAKE! 😀😀😀
My wrinkles around my eyes, 11’s and forehead were smooth as a babies butt!!
But I also saw my future face and didn’t want to have to “keep that up” FOREVER plus I also knew that Botox doesn’t actually change your skin FOREVER like some amazing medical grade facial products can actually reverse the signs of aging and achieve preventative aging too.
So I started asking myself, what are some better ways that I can take care of my skin from the inside to the outside NOW for how I want my skin to look over the next 40 years??
I have always taken good care of my skin, but when I turned 40 I wanted to take REALLY GREAT care of my skin! There is definitely a way I want my skin to look.
I do a lot of research on this stuff in my copious spare time! 🤗
I’ll be doing some LIVE videos over here on my Facebook page just talking about what I’ve used in the past, hormonal bouts with acne and products that have worked for me to get rid of it and the scarring as well as medical grade anti-aging products that I have used and that I’m using now, and I’ve hunted and searched for high and low online and found the best pricing and how they work, and also foods that I eat that I believe help my skin today!!
✅✅Are there any questions that you would like to know about skincare in regards to food and also in regards to little secrets of products l’ve found topically that work for me very well on a face that is aging gracefully…. even if your skin is in its 20’s or 30’s — what you do with it NOW will determine its future!
I don’t often talk abiuabout skin care but I’m just as passionate and obsessed with it as I am fitness! It’s basically all about reversing bad habits and creating great ones for our BEST FUTURE SELF!!! 👊🏻🙌🏻💪🏻🙅
Shelley Hobbs

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