Well crap! I’ve gone backwards!
Do you have setbacks? I do!! But it’s how we overcome them.
I know I know….. before I get scolded and scorned by someone out there thinking I’m looking down upon myself — just know, I’m not, I don’t believe in body shaming — but I do believe in facing myself and telling myself what I’ve done right, what I’ve done wrong, and how I can make myself better!
I’m ALWAYS about how I can be better in everything I do!

What I’m here to impress upon you is that we all have seasons of challenges and seasons of change and due to the fact that I’ve had my physical fitness and physique where I really love it, when I fall backwards, I can tell pretty quickly — in how I look physically, but definitely and often more importantly how I feel internally.

The blessing is that I have the right tools and solutions to get it back on track and quickly to help myself.

Right: that’s me today 1/31/17
Left: This was me back in September 2016. I can say I stayed that way through December 2016.
January 2017 hit and I have been dealing with some personal and business challenges that I have allowed myself to let very loose on the nutrition reigns.
Here’s what I did that you shouldn’t do…….

Wine 2-3x per week,
cookies cookies and cookies,
carbs beyond my typical portion control and types of foods,
not enough water,
Not enough veges,
not eating enough of the right foods most days,
eating way beyond my typical portion sizes per meal,
Still working out but not giving my all,
skipping days in the program here and there. Not doing the assigned workout as scheduled.
And I switched workout programs!

Some programs ARE tougher but more forgiving due to burning more calories during and after the workout and leaning you out, so all the mistakes above aren’t as easily seen on a daily basis.
I’ll say this though, alcohol is a killer to getting great results.

So what am I gonna do about this???

I’ve decided that in the month of February I’m going back to a program that I love love love that leaned me out like a badass 🙅🙌🏻👊🏻

I’m also cutting out all alcohol and all unhealthy refined junk food sugar and carbs — because that’s what I did when I first got started working out three years ago for 60 days, and it changed my life completely over the last three years.

Don’t worry, I have clean eating sweet treat recipes up my sleeve that are portion controlled and will satisfy any sweet tooth!

👉🏻👉🏻Here’s my offer….
It’s WAY easier to do these things together than alone!

I run these awesome Virtual Fitness and Nutrition Bootcamp challenge groups and they are the secret sauce to ensuring you stay the path and get results in both fitness and nutrition!

Here’s what you get;
 .55 cents per day for an 12 month access to my Virtual Bootcamp

We’re going to use Beachbody On Demand and I have a very specific program that I would like to invite you to join me on.

We’re going to use the meal plan that goes with the program you’ll have 4 to 6 meals per day, along with portion control meal sizes that are sure to fit your caloric intake level — simple colored containers that I show you how to use.

 We’re going to use shakeology daily has a dense dose of superfood and protein nutrition you can choose vegan or regular and tons of flavors to choose from.

 My virtual fitness and nutrition bootcamp where other people just like you and me, we’re on the same Journey, who lead very busy lives with families are doing the same thing and keeping themselves and others in the group motivated, uplifting and cheering each other on, along with sharing recipes, daily motivation, and more.

 ME as your personal coach guiding and motivating you through the process with a BONUS daily motivation text to set you day off right.

I know how to create change for myself. I’ve helped hundreds of other people create healthy long-term lifestyle changes, and I’m ready to do it again and do it with you and take it to the next level and then will be on point for rockin a spring time poolside bathing suit!

🌟ARE YOU IN??? Tell me your 30 day and 12 month goals below….
➡️ www.tinyurl.com/JoinTheBootcamp

(Open to new customers only. Must not already be working with a coach)

Shelley Hobbs

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