Top Beachbody Coach Shelley Hobbs

8 years! What will your life look like and feel like in 8 years?!

Top Beachbody Coach Shelley Hobbs

Ya know what?? After you have children things change. Your body changes, your mental state changes, your life is turned upside down and then you’re left with 52 card pickup and working to figure it all out. There is no manual that comes with it we each have our own journey.

But what they never tell you is that your body is going to shift and change internally and externally — and then we find ourselves with years of unhealthy habits trying to get back into pre-baby size but we have fallen so backwards in our health we don’t even know where to start!!!

And we think it’s not that big of a deal and it might be vain or selfish to work on ourselves and make ourselves fit and healthy — that is the most untrue thing you could ever tell yourself.

Being a healthy, fit and strong and eating the right foods and energetic mom is the best thing you could ever do for yourself and your children!!

Are ya feelin me on this????

After I had children, I would go to the mall in the little kids play area and I’d see all the other moms. Those that were fit and wearing their workout gear LOL — that caught my attention….. as I was wearing double tank tops to hold in my overhanging muffin top that I had seemingly become uncomfortable with.

I saw them as fit energetic healthy moms.
I wanted to be a fit energetic healthy mom but I had never been into fitness nor did I have any idea what healthy clean eating and healthy living really was.

I didn’t even know where to start!!!!
Would I even keep going???
How do I do this?

Enter Beachbody and a friend inviting me to an online challenge group! I didn’t know what it was-couldn’t really help me? I didn’t have the money was my reason — but we all know we can find the money if it’s important enough to us!!

For me I felt like this was going to save and change my life so I bet 150% on myself and went ALL IN!!

When I became a coach, it was really to help myself learn the ropes, living a fitter healthier lifestyle but also be more accountable and motivated to others on a daily basis.

I have done 21 DF and 21DFX workouts as my main GO TO workouts for the past 2 years! They have totally changed my body in and out and totally reshaped my body and taught me how to eat!!

I am 43 and have a 6 and 8 year old and pretty much never worked out in my past life prior to Beachbody — at least knowing what I was doing, having and end goal in mind, having a start and complete date — which is KEY!!! ( Pre-kids I would wander around at the gym hoping what I was doing was making an impact but there was never really a set strategy to what I was doing — which was why I never got results LOL )

I definitely have to say that the 21 day fix programs are my soulmate workout programs.

But in the sake of trying new things and loving Autumn and still wanting her with me every single day LOL,
I have been doing the 30 day Chisel program (from the 60 day hammer and chisel full
Program) and I am loving it!!!!

It definitely reminds me of 21 day fix extreme in an even more extreme fashion with heavier weights and different sets of exercises!
Anyhow…. #BodyByBeachbodyandShakeology ??????
Keep going because every day is progress!!!
Everyone has a day ONE!!!
When will yours be?

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Shelley Hobbs

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