You know how important it is to have a Contacts List to grow your business, but how do you add to it every day?

Check out the tips below and this short video on How to EXPAND Your network and gain more friends and followers on social media.

TIP: I have built my entire Beachbody Coaching business 100% through cold market social media. Eventually my friends and family have come around — but I didn’t wait for them so I could build my empire. I knew there had to be other women like me out there where I could be a solution to their challenges in health, fitness and finical satiability.

  1. Family & Friends:
    Every friend and every family member is a potential person you can help. Don’t prejudge anyone. Write down the names of everyone you know. Even if they aren’t ready right now to join you, that doesn’t mean they won’t be ready in the near future.
  2. Social Media:
    Meet new people and share your story on social media. Look for new groups to join and start conversations about relevant topics – or start your own group! Look at what others are posting on your friends walls and make comments. Remember to always get to know people first and build a relationship before inviting to your Challenge Group.
  3. Referrals:
    Always ask for referrals. When you genuinely care about people it’s easy to ask for referrals. People will trust you and have no problem offering referrals because they know your true intentions, to help people. So don’t be afraid to ask, “Is there anyone you know that is struggling I could help,” or “Is there anyone you know that might be interested?”
  4. Wear & Share:
    Be proud of what you do and the programs you represent. Wearing branded apparel or always carrying your Shakeology cup is a great way to start conversations. Next time you are running errands or attending a school function wear your gear. Just remember to smile; you’re representing your own business and Team Beachbody.


Shelley Hobbs

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