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“Because I’m HAPPY…..”
***long post alert**
I am not a personal trainer, I am not a nutritionist, I used to eat chicken nuggets, cheetos, leftovers off of my kids plates, drink 1-2 glasses of wine per night, eat sugary treats daily, not eat at all until later in the day, eat WAAAAAAAY too many carbs, no veggies, tons of fruit……I was a MESS!!
No wonder I had anxiety and depression — I FULLY 150% believe that everything happening inside of us is determined by the foods we take in.
That said, I am not an expert, but I am a living example of daily health and fitness — living it, doing it, and can honestly say that super healthy nutrient dense portion controlled eating and daily fitness has changed and saved my life!
Want to know exactly how????
I used to not want to live my life. At 40 years old, my depression and anxiety was so bad, I questioned my place on this earth and with the grace of God, he put the vision of my children faces in my brain and I said to myself at that moment
“Get your SH*T together — those kids deserve an amazing mother!!”
That was my defining moment…..
on the couch in my bedroom….
as I sat and sobbed and contemplated my life…..
I will never forget it.
Have you ever been in such dark place that it was a defining moment for you and you literally FLIPPED A SWITCH in your brain?
I (and God) literally self cured myself from anxiety and depression.
I don’t know about anyone else,
or anything else….
I just know about ME and what has worked for ME!
SO I took my fitness and nutrition SERIOUSLY… seriously as someone would take daily medications to get themselves straight – -that is how I view my healthy eating and daily fitness.
It IS my daily dose prescription medication for anxiety and depression.
So I enrolled as a coach as a daily conviction to my passion for my own life and KNOWING that other people out there can benefit from making fitness and healthy eating and living a regular part of their daily lifestyle.
WHAT IF you didn’t have health insurance to cover medications?
That was me before I got started as a Beachbody Coach.
I decided that the $180 I spent on my T25 fitness challenge pack was going to be my saving grace to SAVE MY LIFE. I put it on a credit card without telling my husband and acted like that package was literally going to BE the THING that SAVED MY LIFE and my marriage.
I went through that entire challenge pack box and took it seriously!
I NEVER MISSED A DAY of working out! I started on December 30, 2015 – -I didn’t wait for the new year….my time was NOW!
I never missed a day of Shakeology. #365er
I mapped out a meal plan, cut out alcohol, sugar and went ALL IN like my life depended on it.
It was as though I had the KEY to getting my life back right here in a Beachbody box. It was my last and only option at the moment -so I took it seriously! Abs, booty, muscles…..those were the last things on my mind.
IT DID SAVE MY LIFE!! And I have never treated it otherwise – -this is one of the most important reasons I am personally so passionate about what I do as a Coach.
SO, with passion and time and experience, I have found a few things that work really well for me.
I have never been obsessive about my body — just always wanted to make sure my depression and anxiety never came back — but what I found wast how AWESOME I felt all day, every day through using shakeology, daily fitness and working out hard at home using Beachbody Fitness programs – -always something to choose from to keep it fresh and no plateaus – which also helped my anxiety a lot.
Don’t get me wrong…..I have down days too, but NOTHING like they used to be because I have learned the TOOLS to pick myself UP and OUT OF IT DAILY!
It was like running a dog daily…..they get tired instead of anxious and rambunctious….same with kids LOL
Anyhow, over time, I have loved the personal challenge of getting stronger and leaner and being able to say proudly….
“I AM 42 and more fit, healthy, lean and strong that I have ever been in my life!”
I get asked all of the time any little tips that I have that can help people get the BEST results possible.
I have created an info graphic that I am giving out that are my TOP TIPS that are so simple to incorporate DAILY. I am giving this new TOP TIPS to jump start your health and fitness journey when you get stared with me as your coach in my next fitness group and/or as a new coach on my team.
These are PRIME TIPS – -they work, not just for me, but when people I work with also use them!
They are the little tweaks and shifts that make all the difference in maximizing your workouts and healthy eating.
==>> APPLY TODAY to learn more about becoming a coach and joining my 3/14 fitness group and new coach training:
or just shoot me an email ANY TIME
(  )  and lets explore if this is for you. I don’t bite I promise and I will fully inform you and help you make the right decision for your life! 🙂 Lets DO THIS!
I am also holding a Coffee Talk Webinar at 10am Wednesday 3/9 so you can learn more about what IS Beachbody Coaching, how it works, etc….
Here is the link to register for that:
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