breast implant augmentation results 350 400 425 cc mentor moderate profile plus before and after results
***A Personal Post****
7 week post op surgery check in.
Wow time flies by!
This is what they look like.
Just sayin!
I have learned SO much about implants ; types, sizes, insertion method, etc….
I am student and research EVERYTHING before I make a decision.
I researched this entire decision for a full year, and have been thinking about it for 15 years! So there’s that! 😉
So many women have reached out to me surprised and impressed that I didn’t go all Barbie doll cartoon like.
So happy that I can show people a real life story of literally just wanting to proportion my body out after babies and weight loss and getting fit and shaping my body.
Feels awesome — I won’t lie about that!
The doctor said I was “challenging patient” simply because I had very little breast tissue to start with. 😭😂😭😝
Our goal together was to give me perfect proportion and symmetry to my body while being able to keep me with an athletic feminine look and the ability to stay active without limitations.
He is not the kind of doctor to do a surgery he isn’t proud to put him name behind.
I would say a job excellently done!!!
Done and done!!!
Dr. Berardi in Scottsdale = boob artist!
I know it may seem really strange to some people to share this story of breast augmentation.
In the line of work I’m in, I am showing up visually daily and it’s important to me that people
Have an insiders view as to how I came to this decision and all that went into it.
But it’s real life for a lot of people, it’s a very personal decision, and one that should be well researched and one you should know what to expect afterwards too. It’s a long and careful recovery.
Being 42, nursed 2 babies each for upwards of 2 years, losing 36 pounds over the past 2 years of working out and reshaping my body to get healthy fit and strong — I just felt it was time!!!
Went from a 32A to currently a 34D …. I would say it’s mostly a full C.
Loving it. Just feeling totally complete…. Even though I felt complete before.
Shelley Hobbs

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