Breast implants before

Day before surgery


I had another post-op Dr. appt yesterday and literally, I am not to get my heart rate up for 3 weeks total which means literally no working out or even attempting to get in (or sneak in) some squats or abs at all. LOL 😝😭
I go back in 2 weeks — Jan 11 and I’ll likely get the green light to start working my lower body and to accelerate my heart rate minimally.
On top of it all, my body is still in recovery mode and I need a 2-3 hour nap per day! Daily, I just hit a wall and can’t go anymore and have to go nap. Its crazy. In addition, my digestive system is totally off-balance.
My sister in law is living with us and is so AMAZING, she is doing EVERYTHING.
She is such a blessing.
I had NO IDEA there was this much body tiredness in the 6 week recovery. I don’t know WHAT I thought it would be like as I have never had surgery before.
So I have to wear this crazy contraption — both the band and the bra 24/7 for three weeks!!! It’s working to stretch the skin and push the implants down-a great visual I know LOL
I’m not sure everyone has to go through this because it all depends on what you’re starting out with which for me was not a lot.
I keep calling my doctor and his office staff “Boob Artists” LOL — he is definitely a perfectionist and working to give me exactly what I asked for, which also requires daily massage and stretching the skin out.
So many details I know, but here’s the thing, most people don’t talk about these details so I just think it’s great for people to know what to expect.
Anyhow, I am loving seeing all my coaches and fitness group members daily workout photos — I’m SO envious….and PROUD!!
I am DEFINITELY going to have a fluffy belly and probably will have gained
5 lbs when its time to start over with getting back into fitness…..I guess that makes for a good transformation photo and 30 days to kick some fitness BOOOTAY! 🙂


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