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Day 1 from yesterday: 8 hours post operation. All bandaged up and mega bloated from all the meds. Ummmmm tons of pain!!!! LOL as one of my friends said…’s like I did 500 push-ups — that’s exactly how it feels. Thank goodness for all of the pain meds I’m on. THEY WORK!!!!
I live in NW Phoenix and ended up going with Dr. Berardi in Scottsdale. His bedside manner and caring soft spoken demeanor is just incredible!! I want to hug him.
And then thank goodness for my amazing support system to take care of me and my kiddos; my husband, my sister in law, my parents and my sweet sweet children who are so helpful and loving.
The type A person in me wrote the entire weeks schedule day to day, hour to hour so everyone would know how the kids schedule works and every adult can coordinate with who needs to be where — it made me realize how busy being a parent is and how grateful I am to be a mother. 💕💕
I’m getting so many kiddos kisses all day long. My son even is kissing me so long it’s a bit of a make-out session LOL

Ps. For the record, I am sharing this entire journey simply because I am a person of integrity, transparency and authenticity. I TRULY believe that working on ourselves to become the BEST version of ourselves begins on the INSIDE first. I did not want to show up one day on social media and be like …”Ta Da” …. There is an entire lifetime story behind this decision and the time was right in my life due to how far I have come on my own fitness and personal and spiritual
Journey — PLUS having a incredible income as a Beachbody coach has allowed me the financially ability to feel comfortable to do this . It’s never been a split over night decision me. So it is very important to me that all of the fitness group members I work with, all of my coaches on my team, and all of the people who follow me and will makes decisions to allow me to help them in health and fitness and to become coaches to change their lives and help other people to the their lives am understand my decisions behind this decision and this does not make some a better person — but a very personal decision ONCE you have finally come into your own confidence.


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