breast augmentation implants journey shelley hobbsI have a really big revealing announcement !!!!

Today I’m revealing something I’ve been keeping as a secret to myself and those close to me for several weeks now. Today is my last Monday being a small breasted woman LOL
…..meaning that next Monday, December 14th I will be getting a breast enhancement care of Dr. Berardi in Scottsdale, Arizona!
This is something I have thought about literally FOR YEARS, and have been researching it very heavily over the past 12 months and in the last three months made a decision to get informed and educated via a consultation and take the next steps in finding a doctor and making decisions and sealing the deal — my point is this is NOT an overnight decision. For me actually it’s a major massive decision which is probably why I’ve taken so long to do it.
I am 42 years young and I have had small breasts my entire life — I just kinda missed out on the boob train…. when God said he’s handing out boobs I obviously wasn’t listening LOL.
Growing up, I used to be very very insecure about it all the way up until my 30s. Luckily I married a man who loved me beyond the physical and that helped to ease a lot of my physical insecurities.
My whole life I’ve been in A cup. Until I had babies and I was a milk machine and I was a D for two years each child (hallelujah!!!); nursing each child for about one year and then pumping for another year-I was crazy town about giving my kids the breast milk !!
But then, my breasts lost form and then I was even SMALLER (LORD HELP ME!! LOL) — I don’t know how you can get smaller than an A but it’s possible, and then I gained some weight — it was mostly in my torso and thighs and butt.
I went into really bad postpartum depression after my second child and it became my chemical make up and way of life. It was downward spiral and fast and became very unhappy in a life that I should have been completely elated about.
I needed a life overhaul in health and fitness and spiritual and relationships. I had a friend on Facebook who was running an online fitness group and I felt like that was something I could grasp a hold of mentally and work out at home, around my young kids for 30 minutes, and learn how to eat from a clean eating meal plan — it was something I could do for myself at home around my kids and I could be in control of something…FINALLY — when I felt so out of control and didn’t not know the Lord then either.
That fitness group changed my life. It gave me a sense of direction, and gave me a sense of accomplishment, commitments that I can see through, a group of like-minded motivated women very similar to myself who wanted more out of their lives and around their families, and also taught me the path towards personal and spiritual development.
My soul was set on fire from that fitness group — 5 days later I knew that not only was this something I thoroughly enjoy doing, but I could see myself doing it too. I could earn an income while I was getting fit and healthy, around my kids schedule, from home and not have to go out and get a job working for and relying on others, and I could help so many other people who are fighting the fight and needed a path to better their life that was simple and possible.
I became a Beachbody coach December 30, 2013 and it changed my life from the inside out. 
I’ve been working on myself for so long both mentally, physically, and spiritually for two years. My confidence and knowing WHO I AM is through the roof!
I’ve also been working on myself and learning about how to eat right and how to eat within portions and how to eat the right foods and how often I should eat and super effective 30 minute at home workouts.
Pairing that altogether it has completely changed my life , and over the last two years not only have I lost 31 pounds and gone from a size 11 to a 4,  but my breast fatty tissue is nowhere to be found LOL
So I tell you this long story because it’s always been very important to me to be confident in the body I was given, to use my body to the utmost potential and allow it to show me what it could do for me if I treated it right.
I’ve grown so much confidence in myself over the past two years I really could not be any more confident. I love the body. I’m in I love with the spiritual path that I’m on and I love the empowered mindset thinking that I’ve grown into.
That all said, one day earlier this year, I said to myself “I’m ready to take my body to a new level — beyond my fitness” because I became confident in who I was. It was always important to me that doing something to my body was never to become confident but only to, have fun with it, empower it, embrace it, enhance it, balance and proportion it out… the cherry on top! 😉

So stay tuned for some pre-operation bikini photos and will follow suit with post-operation bikini photos!!

To date I have tried on silicone moderate plus implant sizers in sizes, 300cc, 350, 400cc — Those look different on everyone depending on where you start from. I’m starting…..VERY small, so although it sounds like a lot of CC its not for my current state of size.
My goal is to have a very proportioned breast size….with some OOMPH, but not too much… relation to my body type and size. My goal was to end up with a full C cup.  YAY BABY!!! 😉

They will be taking into the operating room; 375cc, 400cc, 425cc
They will do an under the muscle implant placement and an under the breast fold cut.

DANG IT…..I am sooooooo excited I can barely sleep!

So obviously I wanted to share this exciting and NEW news as I will have a recovery plan for getting back into working out slowly. As Dr. Berardi and I have  discussed a well thought out get back into working out plan, I’ll be sharing that journey too. I want to show you how to continue moving your body in gradual steps after a surgery, and, eating healthy and keeping a positive mindset when the body is not able to move as freely as it wishes.

I am so proud of myself and how far I have come physically with my body — its strong and lean and fit and I love the shape of it. The more I work out daily and eat right…..the more my body continues to change and develop — it surprises me monthly!!

Stay tuned as I share the day to day post-operation experience.


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