No filter…. How bout some REAL TALK today!!beachbody fitness results, shelley hobbs
Happy Post Turkey day fit friends!!
I want to show you something…….
Check out my stomach skin all loose and hanging over — it’s from having babies! Is that sexy? Who cares!!! It’s reality!
I am 42 and proud of it!!!! Over the past two years I’ve lost 31 pounds and gone from a size 11 to a 4 by just taking it one day at a time.
I’ve also built an incredibly healthy and sculpted body to be proud of.
I mean HELLO….. I carried and birthed 2 humans and that did a number on my entire body!!!! 🙅😜🙏🏻😝💪🏻💫💫💫
Starting with my bladder ( I still have pee leaking issues) and cannot do some fully jumping workout moves LOL,
and it did a number on my boobs from nursing and pumping for 2 years each child — you can better believe those babies had breast milk for two years LOL (probably why they are are so crazy smart!!),
and the belly skin hang over from stretching my skin out beyond crazy normal.
So WHAT?!?!
We are not perfect and perfection is NOT what we are striving for…. We are striving to be the BEST version of us….
Progress is taking place every single day!!! You will blow your own mind when you just keep on going and embrace your body as it is…. Because it will
change as you change and you’ll become more confident in who you are mind body and soul from the inside out!!
I will share this with you….
I have grown incredibly confident with my body over the past two years — it was very important for me to see what my body had to offer me for working really really hard towards making it the best it can be — and I love it just as it is.
Focus on getting healthy from the inside out and you will see massive changes start to happen, mind body and soul, from the inside out and in all other buckets of your life!!!

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