Hi there!! Thank you for stopping by today!  I get messages several times per week of people asking me 2 major questions;

1. What do you eat?
2. How can I get ABS like yours?

Well lets start with the fact that it was never a goals for me to have abs — don’t let that make you hate me  (PLEASE?) There is a reason these abs happened. Also…..I never knew I could “get abs”. I never dreamed of them before and didn’t really think they were in the cards for me being that I am 42 (years young thank you 😉 ). PLUS, I have had 2 babies (currently now 5 and 7).

It comes down to a handful of things, not secrets, but they really really work and they re SUPER SIMPLE, but they ALL have to be in alignment. Again…. they are SO SIMPLE when you know what they are and have an environment that you can get help really dialing them in.

how to get great abs 21 day fix extreme beachbody

So yes, it comes down to both eating regimen and workouts for HOW To Get GREAT Abs. I’m you figured this already…so lets dive into the secret sauce of these.

Following is based on my personal experience over 19 months of working on my own fitness goals, but also working with HUNDREDS of other people in the fitness groups that I run, that when ALL of these things are used together and in alighment….BOOM its like the sweet spot of hitting a golf ball, it feels effortless.


This is what I believe it my personal secret sauce for HOW To Get GREAT Abs…..

#1. Eating from the 21 Day Fix meal plan – -its body caloric specific but based on portions and particular foods types from a flexible list of food types; veggies, proteins, carbs, healthy fats, nuts/seeds. Eating this way, you are SO dialed into exactly what you need to eat, how often, eating from a flexible list of awesome tasty normal foods – -but foods with purpose for your body, eating in the right portions and eating 4-5 meals per day so you are not hungry for junk food.

#2 Shakeology within that meal plan — not loaded with a lot of junk, just pure dense nutrition in over 70 super foods, leaded with vitamins and minerals and protein that nourish and serve your body with PURPOSE. My favorite recipe is; 1/2 c almond milk, 1/2 banana, 1 scoop chocolate vegan shakeology, 1 cup water

how to get great abs 21 day fix extreme beachbody

#3  The 21 day fix extreme workout series program — is just AWESOME, PLUS the 10 min ABS that goes with it — I do the extra abs about 3 days per week…that’s it.
This is a 30 minute program with weights, cardio, yoga, pilates, plyo – -all DESIGNED perfectly within a 30 minute time frame with every minute and every exercise on purpose to build upon previous moves to maximize your muscle and body. You will feel and see results within 7 days. Most of my fitness group community members start losing weight within 7 days, they start seeing their body shape change within 21 days. My philosophy is to keep using this program up to 5-6 21 day rounds to really change the shape of your body.

I have personally used the regular (start version) of the 21 Day Fix program for 6 rounds. Then I upgraded my fitness level to using the 21 Day Fix Extreme for 8 rounds thereafter.

21 Day Fix Extreme is hands down my most favorite workout EVER for myself and for my fitness group members.

#4  LOTS of water — up to 1 gallon per day.
TIP: start the day by drinking a 12 ounce glad of water sitting right next to your bed side.


Having a STOP and a START time for eating. I STOP eating at 7pm. I eat TONS of food though the day so I’m not hungry, but this allows my body time overnight to digest, process my food from the day, and start digging into my fat storage to KEEP OFF the unneeded weight. Most people do the opposite; Eat late at night, go to bed, then their body is spending time burning off what they just ate, as opposed to focusing on burning fat stores. When you eat late at night, your body has no time to work on fat storage because its too busy working on the ice cream, chips, or even apple with almond butter you just took in.

Sure, ANYONE can purchase these things above, but most never complete them ALONE.
Having a Coach and a support and motivational community
where you can be accountable on your journey making sure YOU keep showing up daily. I like online communities as I do not have time to be leaving my house to go to a gym, or anywhere else, being a busy at home mom with kids and their activities.  I have found that running the online fitness and nutrition motivation community groups (aka Bootcamps) keeps not only ME in check with my own health and fitness goals, as the person running the group, but also keeps the group members in check and creates an environment for success because its a place they can get 24/7 fellowship, motivation, accountability, support and community, etc…

I give out meal plans and fitness and nutrition tips and overall we have fun.

You can make me your FREE coach and we can start working together by Enrolling with a Challenge Pack —  I automatically become your coach.

how to get great abs 21 day fix extreme beachbody

I have really been able to dial it down to these core things as when ANY of these things is out of alignment for me, then I can see my abs fading away with some extra fluff covering them up.


Let me be honest as I always am with you……

ANYONE can go to a gym, but most do not know exactly what or how to create a workout program that is so dialed in that only 30 minutes of every second counting, every move in the right order counting – -so they end up wasting time and money at a gym.

ANYONE can buy a DVD workout, but if you are alone, without support or a fun community environment to get accountability and the motivation you need to continue, then next week, you will not show up to your own workout, you will let it sit there and collect dust, and eat cheetoh’s and in the end, having a community to check into IS motivating and FUN to see others showing up in their life to achieve goals.

ANYONE can buy a shake powder at Target for $20, but does it really serve your body with everything it needs in one meal, to support your other meals being totally and completely with purpose for your body? A shake powder needs to be as good OR BETTER than chewable foods into your body. With a shake, you get it all in a fast absorbing form of tons of veggies, fruits, minerals, vitamin, superfoods to best serve your body and and act as a gentle scrub brush to enable you body to absorb the rest of your daily food intake  properly.

I look forward to helping you achieve your health and fitness goals and truly living out you life with purpose and EMPOWERMENT. When you feel amazing and look amazing  (in your personal opinion of you) you will BE more amazing in all buckets of your life because your confidence will SHOOT through the roof and you will feel EMPOWERED to take on the world!

Getting GREAT ABS is pretty cool too! 🙂



how to get great abs 21 day fix extreme beachbody

Shelley Hobbs

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