What is the 21 Day Fix: How to use the 21 Day Fix Containers & Workouts 

I attribute the 21 Day Fix to complete changing my body. I’m talking a MAJOR overhaul. It taught me how to eat, how toe at a lot and allow my body to become a calorie burning machine, giving me awesome energy from nourishing foods, and 30 minute workouts that challenge you, leave you feeling awesome and a modifier is included for moves that you need to build up to.

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I hope you get the 21 Day Fix Challenge Pack here today. WHY? Because I KNOW it will work for you, just as it has for me and dozens of my private fitness group members.

I invite you to JOIN my Virtual Fitness & Nutrition Bootcamp using the 21 day fix. I have a new group starting every month and when you purchase a 21 day Fix Challenge Pack through me as your coach you are automatically invited into my group, we begin your fitness journey TOGETHER. I’ll be with you EVERY step of the way.

In my groups I include meal plans, daily postings for fitness nutrition tips and tricks, there are 15+ other women in the group all on the same journey as you. its open 24/7 so you always have a place of encouragement and support and motivation. You pop in an out of the group as you like but its always there and I’m always there for you…guiding you.

You will also receive DAILY TEXTS from me to help you get started on the right foot every day and have success, one day….one meal….one workout at a time.
Sure, anyone can purchase DVD’s – but will you use them? Most people let them collect dust….afraid to get started and unsure how to get started.
Will you find yourself 4 days later too sore, too tired, too hungry, wondering if you are doing it all right, then stop?
I know…I have been there.

That is why my Virtual Fitness & Nutrition Bootcamp’s WORK to help you have the coaching and guidance you need to get real results and keep getting better!
So lets get started:
1) Grab your 21 Day Fix fitness challenge pack here
2) Email me at coachshelleyhobbs@gmail.com to let me know you got your challenge pack and are READY to get started in my next group!


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If you want to change your life … Give your body the GIFT of Health and Fitness!

Shelley Hobbs

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