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I’ve said it before, and you’ve heard it from me if you are in my fitness groups, that you need to EAT EAT EAT in order to make your body a calorie burning matchineg. With the 21 Day Fix, you have method and the meal plan to show you HOW to eat, WHEN to eat, HOW MUCH to eat and a flexible selection of foods to fill you up all day, nourish you, energizes you and yes…its a lot of food. I told you that you would NOT be hungry! 😉

That’s great right? Well, it can actually be really challenging to get in 3 containers of veggies and especially if you are in the higher calorie range of needing to eat.

SO….the easiest way to get them in is to blend them in.

I LOVE to make this yummy green smoothie for my entire family, My 4 and 6 yr old love it and that is saying something. Its green as green can get and doesn’t scare them one bit, so I KNOW you will love it too.

Recipe for the 21 Day Fix Sneak Attack of the Green Smoothie aka “Greenia Colada”:
.5 c coconut milk unsweetened
2 cup spinach
.5-1 cup of a selected fruit from the list (we like Pineapple or Mango for this recipe)
1-2 cups of water
BLEND. Add Ice for extra coldness

This is literally a GO TO smoothie for me very week and often times I will have it with my lunch = drinking my veggies. MY kids will hijack it from me, or, I have just learned to make them one as well.

Remember that Shakeology is a RED in the 21 Day fix eating program and an essential and simple way to get in your protein and super foods nutrients too. I like to add .5-1 cup of spinach to some of my Shakeology shakes too in addition to a little fruit.
Yes, you are learning that I love food and as a busy mom on the GO, I love to drink my food. Its just easy and simple. 🙂shakeology2



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