ONE year ago today, I decided to become a Beachbody Coach so I could be accountable to my fitness journey and changing my life and I wanted the Shakeology discount. I never in my wildest dreams intended in creating everything I have….I think I need to make my dreams WILDER and BIGGER for 2015!!!
Check it out!!
52 weeks.
365 days.
6 days a week
30 minutes a day
9360 minutes sweating and grunting it out.
312 workouts building a new body day by day.
22 total pounds GONE
19 total inches LOST and never found again
From a size 11 to a 4
ZERO depression
ZERO anxiety
Postive and Enlightened
6 pack abs…WHAT????
Sexy strong muscles
NEW life
Awesome marriage
I’m an awesome mom again
New friends
Awesome online business
Helped DOZENS of women lose weight, get fit and healthy and change their lives!!
Helped women learn to build an online fitness business that creates a new world of possibilities for their families.
$30,000+ made in 1 year using social media to build my business income (this is going to more than double in 2015) 
Ending the year leading my team to #129 in the company out of 225,000 coaches.
Sistered with the #6 coach in the company
Over 600 coaches collectively on my team Fit2Freedom
Created a business volume of over $133,000k
Won a free trip to Cancun for my hubby and I in 2015
Earned photo’s with celebrity trainers
Receive FREE Beachbody swag and clothing every month for simply helping other people get started on their fitness journey.

This a little snap shot of my fitness progress over the past 365 days.

Oh yah…..I NEVER EVER thought I’d be posting selfies…let alone bathing suit selfies of myself at 41 on social media. But see, this isn’t about ME…..its about the possibilities for anyone — that YOU can change your life if you want to fight for it — and I in the physical person am PROOF that the process works if you choose to challenge yourself to be better! And I am here to SHOW YOU HOW!!

I continue to be amazed at how my body progresses with ONLY 30 minute workouts, clean eating from my meal plan, Shakeology DAILY and lots of water and a CAN DO mindset. That’s it! That’s the secret sauce if you ever wanted to know it.

I started on DECEMBER 30, 2013 with Shaun T (using T25)

And TODAY December 30,2014, I rocked it out AGAIN with him with INSANITY MAX:30 (a top favorite program of mine now!)

365 days ago I was SO SICK of myself and my life.
40 years old.
Staring down the path at the rest of my life….feeling that feeling of quiet desperation.
I didn’t want to live with my life the way it was.
I was so depressed I was seeing a counselor and weighing my self-worth in this world – would it be better with or without me here.
My kids were the only people that kept me going and wanting to be here.
I could not allow them to grow up without a mother in their life.
So I fought HARD to change my life.
I didn’t care about how I looked – -I cared about what was going on inside.
I knew that if I cleaned up my eating and got my body moving that my body chemistry would change –its scientific — its factual — It was all I had to hold on to… I did it!

Because by Gods grace, we have the ability to choose and to change.

I kept seeing my friend Anita post on Facebook about her fitness groups and how much success people were having and herself having great success and a physical change and having FUN getting fit and healthy.
I saw her posting about making her fitness her business too.
It all intrigued me FOR ONE YEAR.
I watched.
I wanted that feeling.
Until one day…….
I stopped watching and I decided ENOUGH was ENOUGH….
TODAY is the day I make a change.
I had not worked out in 5 years!!
I was weak.
It was tough.
I thought I might die…..but I didn’t 
I kept moving!
Trying to catch my breath and taking many breaks during a 25 minute workout.


I didn’t want to go there.
I NEVER looked back.

I have to thank Anita Miron, my incredible amazing coach who never ever stopped believing in me and who never stopped posting about her journey — it was HER JOURNEY that showed me possibly in my own life! I told her….”tell me exactly what to do and I will do it!” I did every little thing she told me to, even if I doubted it would work for me — both in business and fitness/health advice.
I have to thank my amazing husband — my BIGGEST cheerleader and strong believer in my quest to create plans and dreams for our family that extend beyond our family door.
And my parents, always SO incredible supportive and my cheerleaders no matter what!!
I have to thank my friends that supported me along the way.
And last but not least, my amazing team of coaches who believe in me to help lead them in the direction to change their lives and show them how to build a business and live their lives to the fullest!!
Without them we would not be at #129 — they’re awesome and deserve recognition for where we have ended up this year!!
Team Fit2 Freedom ROCKS….you should join us! 
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If you are interested in learning more about my online fitness groups or how to turn your fitness journey into a profitable online business as an online fitness coach helping others to reach their fitness goals and life dreams, please email me at

In health, happiness and prosperity,

Shelley 🙂

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