I am LOOOOOVING Max:30. I won’t lie…..it was intimidating, but honestly I let my mind tell me what I thought I was capable of having not even tried it before.

So, you never know until you try and I’m SO glad that I have been doing this.

I LOVE that its ONLY 30 minutes — that’s my style of workout. ANYONE and EVERYONE has 30 minutes. Don’t fight me on that….I know you do. 😉

max 30 modifierI love that there is no equipment required — you are building your body WITH your body!

I love that there is a 60 day wall calendar so you know each and every workout


I love that there is a modifier and even better a SPLIT screen to see the modifier on the RIGHT of the screen at all times while the camera pans through the rest of the group.  

I love that there are ONLY 5 days a week for working out. I love to have 2 days off, but really, I MISS working out and can’t wait to get my booty whooped again on Monday. LOL

I love that there is a Nutrition To The Max simple meal plan book with breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and shake recipes. Makes it so SO simple. AND there is a No Time To Cook book for those that are on the road and IF you had to stop at a fast food restaurant or a convenient store, it gives you tips on what to order or purchase. My husband carries that book with him in his truck as a ‘JUST IN CASE.’

I love that there are time frames within the workout — I know I can push myself a few more seconds until the sounds goes off and I can take a 10 second break.

I love that every week I am getting BETTER!!! I am MAXing out later which means I am getting stronger and pushing myself to be my best. I know what is coming so I can prepare myself.

You know that hardest part of working out with any NEW program? Its simply getting started!  You don’t know what you expect, so you are wondering IF YOU CAN DO IT. Well of course you can do it.

I am recommending to all of my fitness group member challengers to start off with the modifier for the first week. Then, move into the regular moves and see how long you can go and if those moves feel comfortable for you.

I can’t do many jumping moves so I know I have to follow the modifier. Otherwise, I do as much as I can with the regular group…..max out….then follow the modifier so I can keep moving and finish it out.



Here is a new MAX:30 Meal Plan that I created for me and my fitness challengers going into week 4:
Recipes can be found here on my  blog on the Clean Eating Recipes page. That page is always a work in progress as I add new recipes. If you have MAX:30 you can refer to the meal plan book to get these recipes. If you don’t have MAX:30 you can still use this meal plan and simply go to the Clean Eating Recipes page and grab the recipes there.


(You can Save As to your desktop and then print this Meal Plan)
max 30 week4 meal plan


Here are a few photos below from the past few weeks:


max 30 resultsmax 30 results











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Until the next post, I hope you keep pushing on and breaking through your own boundaries!
In health and happiness,

Your Coach,
Shelley Hobbs


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