$160 on eating lunches out!!!
My stomach is twisted and I can barely breathe.
OK….I KNOW I’m a little dramatic here, but the point is.
My husband is in need of a major overhaul in his eating and spending choices.
I’m on a mission to help him!!

Currently he eats out 6 days per week at fast food restaurants for lunch daily.
He says he makes healthy choices, but the reality is that I see the fast food bags and there is evidence of not so healthy choices. 😉

I already make my kids lunches 5 days per week. All I need to do it add another 5-7 minutes to make his.

I have committed to making his 3 days per week and working my way up to 4-5. I don’t want to completely cut him off from the freedom to eat out, so he’ll be having a weekly budget of $20 for sting lunches out. I will also school him on healthy choices — Fredericos Bean Burrito is NOT one of those! LOL

My overall goal is to save money and help him eat healthier. I am buying the healthy food anyways so this also ensures that we are using it all up and not wasting food. 

Eating lunch out 6 days per week adds up to about $160 per month!!! Crazy right!?!
Go team Hobbs!!!


Do you have a hard time finding options to make healthy lunches? I used to and I’m always up for ideas and suggestions.

A few things I NEVER DO;

No Lunchables
No Juiceboxes, sodas or anything with high fructose corn syrup
No chips like Doritos, Fritos, Cheetoh’s
No cookies like Oreo’s or Chips Ahoy
No fruit snacks = really bad for their teeth
Just to name a few…..

Instead, go for healthy tasty treats like: (I’ll keep adding to this list as time goes on)

String cheese
Hard boiled eggs
Snap peas
Sweet bell peppers
Homemade protein cookies or granola bars
Turkey or ham roll ups (I like Applegate, but I can’t always find it and sometimes its not cost effective. When on sale I stock up and put in the freezer. If I cannot find it or find that its a little more than I would like to pay, I choose a deli meat like Boarshead or Hormel and make sure its low sodium, no sodium nitrates, no carrageenens (More on deli meats and carrageenans at bottom of page.)

In short, the healthiest and more cost effect way to add meats to your lunches is to cook it at home and slice it. You are sure to know its not over processed.

That aside, I know most of you are just looking to get started with making your own healthy lunches – -that is step 1 – to establish the habit.

Step 2 would be to start digging into healthier alternatives of the lunches you are making.

Here are a few recent lunches I made for my kiddos and hubby.
Oh and I also like using washable containers. I really don’t like wasting baggies or polluting the environment with them.
I got these containers on and the square one from a friend.

This is my husbands lunch! He said he LOVED it!!

healthy school lunches











This is my lunch since I work at home














This is my daughters lunch. (Her school requires baggies for snack time so I had to break down with everyone against my will and start using them. ) LOL Yes….those are GoldFish — NOT my first choice in a cracker, but we do have a TON left over from before my clean eating adventure days, so I do let them use them up. If they were Dorito’s or Frito’s…NO, I would chuck them! Typically I give them a healthier cracker or chip quinoa chips. Considering the rest of the lunch. its not too bad and I do tell them they have to eat the healthier items FIRST!! 😉












(More on deli meats and carrageenans)

Shelley Hobbs

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